Themed Pasta Raises Money!


We, at BIG, are always looking for new and creative things to sell to raise money.  For those of you looking for something unique and geared towards families of all ages – especially parents with college students – Fun Pasta Fundraising could be a perfect item for your group to offer.

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Cookie dough, wrapping paper, cheesecake, mattresses (yes, mattresses!!) and spirit wear.  All of these things can be sold to raise money for your organization.  Lots of money.  What you decided to sell depends on your demographics.  You want to get the most bang for your buck.

Here at BIG, we look far and wide to provide a variety of options for all of our followers.  We recently came across a new item (at least new to us).  It was clever, relatively inexpensive, and seemed quite easy to sell, order, organize, and share.  After purchasing a sampling of available items and trying out the recipes, we feel we can share with you a new and creative item to add to your sales options.

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Basically, you are ordering pasta kits in a variety of shapes.  The kits come with dry ingredients to make soup or chili,


or you can order bags of plain pasta in a variety of shapes and sizes for pasta salad or ready for your favorite sauce.



The shapes, which is what we found so creative and fun, range from sports to princesses, but also collegiate teams.

2014-06-04-10-06-36.96-FloridaGators_tailgatingfootball_themedfundraiserThe variety of themes – especially the inclusion of the college teams – is a great way to target a wide audience in your sale.  The collegiate themes allow you to purchase your alma mater or the school where you child will soon attend, or does attend now.  Fun Pasta makes a great gift to add to a care package for students, or it can be purchased as a gift box – the perfect gift for friends and family.

2014-07-22-01-07-41.4-holidaybox gift webYou can sell the traditional “door-to-door” style, or set-up a direct online sale via their website where your organization still earns 40% of the sale.   Either way, we think Fun Pasta Fundraising is a great item and worthy of a BIG share.

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