Donation? Investment? There’s A Lot In A Word

Charity: Water Headquarters in Manhattan photo from NPR's All Tech Considered

Charity: Water Headquarters in Manhattan
photo from NPR’s All Tech Considered

With significant percentages of the 80 million millennials seeking to give to non–profits and volunteer, speaking their language is critical. Elise Hu’s article, “How Millennials are Reshaping Charity and Online Giving,” sheds some light on the changes that organizations need to make when approaching the millennial generation.

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On their blog, All Tech Considered, NPR posted an article on Monday that we found interesting and wanted to share with the BIG community.

In “How Millennials Are Reshaping Charity And Online Giving”, author Elise Hu examines the changes in fundraising approach when directing your efforts toward millennials. With millennials measuring 80 million strong, they are a significant support base to understand.  The 2014 Millennial Impact Report found that 87% of millennials donated to not-for-profits last year and 47% volunteered their time, while even more were hoping for increased volunteer opportunities to be offered by or through their employer.  

When it comes to giving money, the need for a tech-based interface which allows for a faster, more seamless interaction between the supporter and the organization is obvious for this generation.  However, Amy Webb says the important shift when seeking support from millennials is in how you frame your request, from that of seeking a “donation” to that of seeking an “investment.”  Using an organization called Charity: Water as an illustration of this critical shift, Hu discusses with founder Scott Harrison how millennials are changing the landscape of not-for-profit fundraising.

Check out the article for more information and read about Charity: Water‘s version of the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge.”

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