Photo by Basheer Tome

Photo by Basheer Tome

Photo booths can be a great addition to your fundraising event, but they can be expensive. Check out these quick tips to create your own photo booth for all the fun and a lot less money.

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Have you ever considered renting one of those expensive photo booths for your fundraising event?  Seriously, they are incredibly fun!  They are engaging and can have a huge impact on the fundraising dollars you generate at your event.  Whether you are providing the photo booth for just fun, to give your guests a “take away” from your event, or as a way to generate even more fundraising dollars for your organization, goofy photos with friends are always a hit.

Depending on your budget, a professional photo booth can be a wise investment for your event.  The rental packages start at around $700 and includes a representative from the company to assist your guests (one less volunteer needed on your end!).  They have add-on options that range from custom props and backgrounds, to offering a DVD ROM of all photos of the evening.   Some companies even provide website access to download additional copies of photos.

*TIP: If you are looking to have a professional photo booth at your next fundraising event, check out Groupon, Living Social or other coupon websites to help offset the cost and bring more money directly to your organization.

While a professional photo booth could be a fabulous addition to your event, it might not be within your budget.  So, we here at The Big Change Project have a couple of options that are MUCH more affordable.


You will need:

  • Props to match your theme
  • Colorful backdrop
  • Digital camera or two
  • Two digital camera memory cards per camera that can be swapped between the camera and the printer
  • Color printer
  • Photo paper
  • Volunteer photographer(s)
  • Volunteer(s) to print the photos

Set up an area with your backdrop and props.  You should have a table with the printer nearby so while you take photos using one card, your printer volunteer is printing the photos from the other card.

While this does require a couple of volunteers and a bit of tech knowledge, it is a much less expensive option to renting a professional photo booth with all the fun (your costs include photo paper, color printer cartridges and possibly extra digital camera memory cards).

Here are a couple of options to really ramp up your booth to either make the event more memorable OR to raise a bit more money:

  • Have a craft station where you can make frames for the photos (either provide for free or charge a fee).  This is a great option if it is an event with children like a Family Fun Night or picnic.  You will need colorful card stock, markers, stickers, decorations, etc…  Don’t forget the double-sided tape to attach the photo.  You can even print out the card stock with your event name and date for a great memento.
  • Make a DVD of all the photos and sell it.
  • Add all the photos to a Dropbox file or similar photo sharing site for free sharing.
  • Have a “Best Photo” contest.  This can either be just a free fun event or you can sell raffle tickets to vote for your favorite photo.  The winning photo gets a silly prize and the raffle winner gets a prize as well.

Have you created your own photo booth at one of your events?  Tell us how you made it fun and special.

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