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Learn how to create your Master Calendar which drives new ideas and is the foundation for planning and organizing your fundraising efforts.

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We will write many, MANY posts at The Big Change Project on the calendar.  It drives so much of the organization, planning and ideas in our fundraising.  This is just the first in what will be a long series of posts yet to come.  This is just your “Master Calendar” introduction.

To start, look at your calendars:

  • The standard calendar - the days of the week, holidays, important dates, etc..
  • The school calendar starting and ending dates, vacations, days off, important events such as concerts, team events, school events, conferences, club events, plays and shows, Homecoming, Back to School Night, dances, etc…
  • The community calendar festivals, concerts, holiday events, fundraisers, lectures, meetings, book talks, community walks and runs, social events, parades, etc…
  • Local sports teams/fine arts/club calendars big games, concerts, plays, performances, club meetings, etc…

Now look at…

  • The fundraising calendar what events do you have planned and when?  How can you combine your fundraising efforts with another event?  Can you add a simple element to a fundraising event you are already doing to increase revenue?  Is there an opportunity to add a service component to an existing event that will generate revenue?  How can you partner to support another event while you fundraise, creating a win-win for both causes?

Here are ideas for simple ways you can combine events:

  • Organize a dine-out in partnership with a local restaurant before the concert, play or performance
  • Offer to sell town spirit wear at big games or parades
  • Provide childcare services to parents during parent-teacher conferences for a nominal fee
  • Host a pancake breakfast before a community walk
  • Add a hot chocolate bar to your bake sale
  • Purchase sandwiches to feed players during practice at a partnering restaurant who will make a donation back to you

We create a “Master Calendar” that merges all of the important events from above into one big calendar.  You can use an online calendar program at iCloud  or Google, download and print the Big Change calendar, or create your own using a Word template.

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