The Big Change Model

The Big Change model for fundraising consists of six core components. When considering and planning a fundraising event for your organization, the greatest success comes when the event planners are able to address and include all six components.

The Big Change Model

The Big Change Model

When thinking about the six core components of the Big Change Model, consider –

Fundraising – Evaluate your organization’s needs and establish a fundraising goal. Be sure to define how the money will be used and how the organization will benefit from the fundraising event. Event planning will begin with a completed budget in consideration of your financial goals.

Beneficiaries – Identify the beneficiaries of your fundraising efforts. Who will benefit in the end from the funds that are raised? This might be students if you are raising funds for a school, needy families for a community organization or rescued animals for an animal shelter. This might also be a food pantry that benefits from a food collection as the service component of your event, or local businesses that partner with you that will benefit from your event PR. Define how they benefit and what the impact will be on them. This will help you to identify organizations to reach out to and how to pursued them to join in your efforts.

Partnerships – Brainstorm other organizations you can partner with in your efforts. They might be local, national or international. Define what they gain from partnering with you – what is their “win”?

Connections – Create a master calendar to help you plan and create your fundraising efforts. The master calendar is a compilation of calendars that might include the school calendar, community calendar, local team calendars, club calendars, holiday calendars, etc… Look at your master calendar and determine how you can connect your fundraising efforts to other events such as school events, sporting events, community events, holidays, concerts, etc…

Service – Consider your community. The “community” can be defined as the members of your organization, members of the team, members of the local community, the school community, etc… What are their wants and needs? Brainstorm ways that your organization can meet their wants and needs while at the same time raising funds for your organization.

Community Building – Identify ways in which your fundraising efforts can build a sense of community for the members of your organization, the greater community or the community of other organizations with a similar goal.

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